What is cVA?
(1) "cVA" stands for "clair Voyance Audience" in French.
  That means extraordinary vision and hearing capabilities.
(2) "cVA" is a software to play while creating the "vision beyond music".
(3) Various MIDI controllers can control "cVA" to generate visual effects.
(4) "cVA" is based on two core technology.
  The architecture as visual effects generator, and the protocol
  "cVA protocol" to control visual effects generationg process.

What is the "Vision Beyond Music"?
1. Music = sound + structure
2. In Music, the sound is recognized by phisical sensory.
3. The Music composition is recognized as mathematical structure.
4. Here, replace the "sound" with "visual", something will be born.
  That is the "Vision Beyond Music".

genemagic cVA1.0b
(c) chikako nitta & genemagic research.

Download cVA1.0